“Brigit Hassig and her team of talented and passionate people are in front of the national movement to bring successful aging to all.”

­—Roger Landry, MD, MPH, excerpt from his book Live Long, Die Short: A guide to Authentic Health and Successful Aging

Live Long Die Short Author Roger Landry, MD, MPH

Innovative Founder Brigit HassigOur Story

This product is born out of a purpose.

I was the Executive Director of a large nonprofit serving older adult lifestyles.  In November 2012, we were moving to a new location, tripling our space and knee deep in a large-scale construction project with insane deadlines. 

The entire move was to better serve our community with award-winning innovation in 50+ adult wellness and human service support.  We were a national pilot for Masterpiece Living, a research-based initiative, demonstrating that over 70% of how we age is determined by lifestyle choices.  

Every detail of this renovation was to create an inspiring environment, conscientious choices, and affordable options.

All was going well with this massive undertaking . . .  until it came to our fitness studio.  Shockingly, we could not find a simple, affordable chair designed for seated exercise. 

Even more frustrating, older adults, those with limited mobility, those beginning an exercise commitment, and those in rehabilitation were relegated to office chairs, banquets chairs, or any other chair NOT designed for exercise!  

Group Photo with Four Points Seniors Brigit Hassig From IntelligentAge

There was nothing appropriate in the market.

As a national conference speaker on ageisma professional advocating all that aging can beI'm now on fire for a simple product that respects what older adults (and others!) deserve: a non-tipping, supportive, comfortable and efficient chair for exercise. Finally.

Today, with the incredible collaborators of MiEN Company and Dew-El Corporation, we are blazing the trail to roll-out an innovative exercise chair that fills a much needed void in the fitness market. It fuels the conversation on ageist design, whether conscious or unconscious, in services and products tailored for those 50+.    

Thanks for being an ambassador for the cause against ageism.

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